Desmond Hudson
ex - Law Society Chief Executive
desmond hudson law society

Desmond Hudson not only bears more than a passing resemblance to Freshco boss Reg Holdsworth (in fact, has anybody ever seen them in the same room together?) but he is fast becoming a figure of ridicule amongst the people he thinks he represents in his grubby profession.

The calamity of his action against Solicitors from Hell (SfH) website owner Rick Kordowski did nothing to enhance his position as somebody who should be taken seriously and actually cost the Law Society many thousands of pounds - although I'm sure none of it came out of his own £400,000.00 salary. In various responses to articles on the Law Gazette website (the Law Society's mouthpiece) many solicitors seemed absolutely dumbfounded that Hudson took such misguided action. Some solicitors thought he was an idiot for drawing attention to SfH whilst even more admitted that their profession actually needed cleaning up and that the public had a right to post reviews about their experiences with solicitors. During the action Hudson even claimed that Kordowski was a criminal! Maybe Hudson views all victims of dishonest and/or incompetent solicitors as criminals.

Well the actual result of Hudson's action is that the original SfH website has been taken offline. However, the good news is that many similar websites now exist as a tribute to Kordowski and as 2 fingers up to the Law Society. These second generation SfH sites have learnt from the mistakes made by Kordowski and are therefore likely to stay online for a very long time... or until hell freezes over... or until the Law Society cleans up its act...whichever comes first.